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    Hyd-60t-12a camless spring machine


    Hyd-60t-12a camless spring machine

    Machine features:

    1. It adopts the armless design of connecting rod, independent control of single-axis servo motor, easy to operate, and the special spring can reduce the adjustment time and improve production efficiency by placing the Angle of the fixture.

    2. Taiwan roller guide rail, good wear resistance, more lasting accuracy.

    3. Servo shear design, directly cut after forming, processing longer products, reduce the impact of cutting mandrel, protect tools and machines.

    4. Taiwan control System. More effectively ensure the synchronization of the machine and computer.

    5. The rotary motor is separated from the wire feeding box to reduce the load of the wire feeding box, increase the Angle of the wire, and effectively ensure the accuracy of the wire feeding and turning.

    Technical parameters


    Number of Axes12 Axes
    Wire Diameter

    Low-carbon Steel:3-8mm

    High-carbon Steel:2-6mm

    Lead RailDistance of 130mm
    Number of  Axis4 Pairs
    Max Wire Feed  Speed80m/min
    Max Error


    Servo Motor Power50.7KW
    Min Angel Length4 Time Wire Diameter
    Machine Dimension2600*1400*2050mm
    Machine Weight4500kg

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