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    Hyd-25t-12a camless spring machine


    Hyd-25t-12a camless spring machine

    Machine features:

    1. Using connecting rod without rocker arm design, single axis servo motor independent control, easy and convenient operation, special spring can reduce the adjustment time by placing the Angle of the fixture, improve the production efficiency.

    2. Taiwan roller guide rail, good wear resistance, more durable to maintain accuracy.

    3. Designed torsion installed on the core, equivalent to the function of the revolving line, forming some difficult products more convenient and fast.

    4. Taiwan control system, production of battery spring and other simple products, faster than the CAM machine

    Technical parameters:

    Number of Axes12Axes
    Wire Diameter0.3-2.5mm
    Lead RailTravel 80 mm
    Wire Feed Roller2Pairs
    Max mum Change±0.03(Length)
    Control SystemSanyo
    Machine Weight
    Machine Dimension1400*1700*1700mm

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