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  • HYD-560 (Computer press spring machine)

    560 电脑压簧机.png

    Six-axis computer spring machine

    Technical parameters

    Model HYD-560
    Diameter φ2.5-φ6.0mm
    The maximum feed line lengthUnlimited
    Winding directionRight and Left Hand
    Get maximum line speed60m/Min
    The maximum outer diameter of the spring100mm
    Production speed ≤200
    Convolution than 3
    Get the number of lines set4pair
    Wire feeding servo motor15kw
    Cam servo  2.7kw*2
    Servo cutter* 25.5kw*2
    Pitch servo2.0kw
    Dimension(L×W×H)  2100×1400×2300mm
    Weight 4000kg 






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