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    HYD-80-8A (wire forming machine)


    Automatic wire forming machine

    Model Features:

    1. Get the whole line box can move back and forth, molding line box never need to send back line,  forming a more stable,The production of long products, send me a wholeline after the shift,  the molding space larger and more convenient.

    2. The independent external twisting head movements, you can not quit when the wire forming the inner curved groove, more  convenient and efficient commissioning of the center.

    3. Twisting head as a whole can be shifted around, you can make room for more complex shapes molded products.

    4. The cutter can be moved back and forth, forward cut short when processing products, the production of a more stable,  long product when processing knife back,Forming a larger space, the product will not touch the cutter.

    Technical parameters

    Axis Count
    8 axis
    Max Feeding speed
    Wire Size Range

    low carbon steel:3-8mm   

    high-carbon steel:2-5mm

    Control system1sets
    Wire feeding axis count3 pairs
    Bending frame parallelism0.1-1mm
    3D maximum dimensions 1000*1000*600mm 
    Minmum length of angel4times wire diameter

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